In order to be able to give abundantly, we need to excel in getting.
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Banking Details

Every Nation Mossel Bay
First National Bank (Cheque Account)
Account number: 621 7763 4279
Branch code: 250 134


Partner with Us

Those who call Every Nation Mossel Bay their “home” church regularly give a tithe to the Lord. The word “tithe” means “tenth” and it is a way of honouring God with the first 10% of our income. Please note that we do not expect guests to give financially. This is something we do as a church family and it is only for members and those who share the vision of the ministry.

God wants us to excel in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7).  Why?  Because he influences the world through his people. God gives to you so he can give through you. As you give faithfully, the world is changed for the glory of God.  The gospel is preached, lives are touched, people are fed, bodies are healed, churches are built; and you, in turn, are blessed by God so that you can give again.

Statement Regarding Giving

  • We willingly honour God with our possessions and the first part of our income.
  • We celebrate and are grateful to God for the many blessings and the abundant provision that he has freely bestowed on us.
  • We honour and follow the example of Abraham, the father of our faith, who gave a tenth to God.
  • As members, we are responsible to support our local church financially, those who labour in it, and to fund missions and social outreach in order to advance the kingdom of Jesus. We desire to be especially mindful of urgent needs among those in our spiritual family.
  • We recognize that, not just a portion, but all our income and possessions belong to the Lord, in the same way that our energy, time, talents, and passions are his.
  • We believe in the principle of sowing and reaping and that the Father of heaven, the source of all provision, has already opened the windows of heaven and poured out his blessings upon us in seed form.
  • We understand that, in order to be able to give abundantly, we need to excel in getting. We determine to use our energy, talents, and labour in combination with his favour to create wealth for the purposes of advancing his kingdom.
  • We determine to live generously and give abundantly even beyond the tithe, so that his goodness and kindness will be shown through us.
  • We are eager to please God and we determine to do this by acts of faith and demonstrations of the overflow of the love that he has poured out in our hearts. We count it an honour and a joy to partner with the Lord by giving generously, not under compulsion.
  • We shall persist with a lifestyle of generosity even when it is not convenient to do so.
  • We intend that our acts of giving will be motivated by love, guided by faith, and expressed with joy.